Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Salt River terraces field geology exercise and updated guide

The Salt River in central Arizona has a spectactular set of fluvial terraces developed along it. I have lead a number of field trips along the Salt River for outreach and most importantly for our GLG451 Field Geology I course where we use a site along the Salt River for a mapping exercise. I have recently updated the materials associated with that exercise in anticipation of this Spring's class which will include a virtual component.

Tour from ASU to the Salt River site.
Drone overflight of the key sites for the exercise.

I built on some of the very nice writing and descriptions of Professor Pewe when I wrote up a field trip guide and ran a few field trips in the early 2000s. See this LINK. I updated that guide and it is available here: Landscape and geologic history along the Salt River near Tempe and Mesa, Arizona. I updated this document February 14, 2022.

Here is the assignment with many additional links and explanations: Virtual Field Geology assignment for Salt River Field Geology I 2021.
I made a long explanation of the GIS:

These were of great interest to Professor Troy L. Pewe of Arizona State University's Department of Geology. He moved to Arizona from Alaska and converted his research from permafrost to desert processes. I was lucky to learn from him when I first came to ASU in 1995. He took me under his wing and shared with me much of what he had learned. Most importantly, he helped me to learn the field trips and field sites he had developed and discovered. I am extremely grateful to him. I recognize Brian Gootee who was a great friend of the Pewe Family and who has preserved much of the Pewe legacy at the Arizona Geological Survey.

Pictures from those early field trips with Prof. Pewe.

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