Monday, February 25, 2019

Updated review of fault scarp analysis

I am organizing for a presentation to my research group on fault scarp analysis. This is an ongoing obsession of mine. I have blogged about this topic here with some review. That is still a pretty good summary of things. I also have a couple of relevant Landers Earthquake posts here and here. And, we applied many of the relevant tools to analysis of cinder cone forms.

The 2017 post mentioned above is still a pretty good summary of things. However, the MATLAB-based guis for Penck1D and Scarpdater are not running well now on newer versions of MATLAB; they need an overhaul. We were really into guis back then but they require so much code relative to the actual modeling. Might be cool to rewrite in Jupyter notebooks, maybe see how much in landlab could be used.

I have prepared a new review powerpoint (PPT and PDF) with this outline:

  • Introduction and review
  • Diffusion-equation analysis of scarplike landforms
  • Observations
    • Direct dating of fault scarps
    • Fault scarp erosion monitoring
  • Modeling
    • Distributed deformation
    • Transport vs. Production limited
  • Extending processes 2D and nonlinear diffusion
  • Prospects and cautions
Of course it is incomplete and emphasizes the work of my students and colleagues. I note for example, this nice review from Wei, et al., Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 2015:

Additional resources for my lecture include:

Some other useful web links include: