Thursday, December 20, 2012

Structure from Motion mapping

I have been fascinated with high resolution imaging for a while. This post accumulates a few files and links to present some recent activities.

The main effort lately has been part of a collaboration with Sri Saripalli and Ed Nissen to use the tools of Structure from Motion to make high resolution digital elevation models and texture maps.

We have been using AgiSoft to make topographic models from our uncontrolled aerial photography.

Here is a powerpoint I presented at the 2012 SCEC meeting: ppt
Here is a poster from Ed Nissen presented at the 2012 AGU meeting: pdf

This video shows the result of a moderate resolution computation and then export of the texture map to KMZ:

Here is a direct link to the video in mp4 format: link

Dallas Rhodes and I played around with an AR Drone. It was pretty neat, but hard to fly as you can see in this video:

Here is a direct link to the video in mp4 format: link

Here are a couple of links that go along with our kit:
Balloon and kite photography systems
The Auto kite site in the research group of Professor Saripalli

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