Sunday, July 3, 2011

Starting a new blog; moving from the old one

Hello world!

I don't want to sound too presumptuous with the name Active Tectonics, but that is the sub discipline of earth science that interests me (study of deformation of interest to society). It is also the name of my research group at Arizona State University (ASU): Furthermore, my old blog was rather unimaginatively named arrowsmith blog. And, as you would see if you clicked on that link, the web site is very slow, has security problems with most browsers, and is no longer supported by ASU.

I am not a big blogger, but I like to put ideas, opportunities, other tidbits out there that might be of interest. I started my last blog August 15, 2007 and had about 60-70 posts.

To write a blog requires of course that one has something interesting to say. I hope that will be the case here. I invite comments on the posts. May they promote clarification and collaboration.

Here are number of links to my local piece of cyberspace:

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