Thursday, February 7, 2013

Paleoanthropology research in the Afar, Ethiopia

I just got back from some fun field work in the Afar, Ethiopia. Here are some pictures. Our project there is called the Ledi-Geraru Research project. The research is done in collaboration with Kaye Reed and Chris Campisano from the Institute of Human Origins / School of Human Evolution and Social Change as well as with Ph.D. students Erin DiMaggio and Dominique Garello. Erin is just finishing up a substantial Ph.D. effort on the geology, stratigraphy, and tephrachronology of rare Pliocene units (about 2.9-2.7 Ma) that critically span a time gap otherwise mostly missing in the region. Dominique will be working with Chris Campisano and I on the geology of the Ledi-Geraru, as well as this drilling project.

Here are a few other posts on this topic:
We started this project with Charlie Lockwood and miss the chance to share its successes with him.
Here is an old page with maps
Here are many pictures from over the years:
Ethiopia and Afar region (2002)
Ethiopia and Afar region (2004)
Ethiopia and Afar region (2005)
Ethiopia and Afar region (2006)
Ethiopia and Afar region (May 2008)
Web-sized images for Ethiopia and Afar region (November 2008); Ethiopia and Afar region (November 2008) full size images
Web-sized images for Hadar Field School (2009); Hadar Field School full size images
Afar region 2012
Afar region 2013

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